best sunscreen ever!!!

by crumpetsandt

hi girls!  so i know i’ve promised my next post would be on what really non-comedogenic means but i haven’t gotten the chance to sit down and just WRITE.  man, lab has been so busy!  but i just wanted share my newest love regarding sunscreen which i have been using for about 3 weeks now.

so i wrote previously about badger sunscreen and how awesome they are.  i have now switched to their spf 30 aloe sunscreen which looks like this:

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it rubs in so well and the formulation is just lovely!  it isn’t greasy at all, dries pretty matte (i like the natural look, just fyi), and is *really* non-comedogenic.  i’ve used it with no problems at all (and i have really finicky skin) and haven’t gotten burned as i had prior with the spf 16.  i am in LOVE, IN LOVE i tell you!

it’s around $15 on (which was the cheapest i found) but if you want to go to whole foods, they have it there too!

also, i’m in love with the faceshop liquid eyeliner in brown.  i’m sending w. w. a sample in black, hopefully soon, since she has tanner skin than i do (lucky girl!).


will post the next one SOOOOOOON, i promise!