chloe edp

by crumpetsandt

mannnnn it’s been too long!  i’ve been really busy in lab, a happy busy mind you, which i am just LOVING.  on more exciting news, i found a new fragrance!  i settled on chloe EDP which smells just heavenly.  i typically don’t like any rose smells but on my skin it fades quite fast to a clean yet sexy smelling freshness (hard to describe).  i bought the rollerball which looks like this:

Chloe - Chloé Eau de Parfum

which allows for controlled, precise application of this quite strong and long-lasting fragrance.  i feel soooo beautiful when wearing this fragrance and find myself sniffing my pulse points during the day.  i love that so little goes such a long way!  the rollerball was $25 at sephora and it seems like it will last quite a while at the rate i’m going.  on another note, i WILL be posting on comedogenicity and non-comedogenicity very soon, as i have been reading up on literature about it.  i just need to find the time…when i’m not working 12+ hour days, i PROMISE it will get done =D  hope everyone is enjoying their summers….lots of love from lab!