enchanting green dresses

by crumpetsandt

happy fourth of july friends!  hope you all had a restful holiday and got to spend quality time with your family and friends. i spend it it sleeping in till 11:30 (!), went to lab for a bit, and then hung out with labmates at a bbq.  finally got home and decided to write before heading off to bed =)

as implied in the title, one of my girls y.y.l. has been looking for a beautiful green dress a la keira knightley:

from google

from google

i’ve done some hunting online for some options across a range of prices.  the best deal is this enchanting moment dress from modcloth.  it’s price in the $200 but for long dresses, the price is about right.  the ruching is quite nice and flattering and the dress looks really classy and tastefully done.  the other option is a max studio cross front ruched tank dress that has a length more at the knee.  it’s a very pretty dress and it looks like the draping would make one look awesome (with the right support ;)) and is around $50.  the last option from my recent searches is one from shopbop, who sometimes has great sales, but this particular dress is quite pricey.  the dress is a beautiful material and emerald green color and would make its owner really happy lol.  you can find it priced at $425 here.  usually jcrew’s bridesmaid dresses are quite nice too but right now there aren’t any options in vibrant green…but i’d check in future seasons.  i’m still looking for some silk options for y.y.l. but silk is pretty hard to come by nowadays (most materials are polyester, jersey, etc. since silk tends to be less forgiving on the body [think body fat magnified])…but no fear!  i will still be on lookout for that perfect enchanting green dress!

okay time for me to get ready for bed!  man, i’m becoming an old fart heh.  good night!