harney and sons: luxurious tea without the steep price

by crumpetsandt

one of my favorite indulgences is fragrant, well-brewed tea.  i’m a bit sensitive to caffeine which has curbed my coffee intake for most of my life.  because tea has significantly less caffeine than coffee, i’ve always enjoyed having a few cups of tea early in the day without the unfortunate sleepless side effects that comes with coffee.  the best one that i’ve found thus far is harney and sons tea, which brews really well in the sachet packaging the tea comes with.  obviously loose leaf gives the best results but for a girl on-the-go (and who doesn’t have the time to deal with the messiness that comes with loose leaf), the harney and sons sachet comes pretty close to loose leaf quality.  one of my favorite options by harney and sons is vanilla comoro which is a delicate decaf black tea scented with vanilla–great for relaxing from a hectic, exhausting day in lab.  the tins that these teas come in is so pretty:

picture from google

picture from google

harney and son’s earl grey supreme is also tasty as is their darjeeling.  you can buy them online or find them at whole foods (although not all the selection is present at whole foods).  i used to buy my harney and sons tea at cardullo’s since it was so conveniently close although the price markup was quite high.  happy exploring and hope you all enjoy teas from harney and sons as much as i do!