do you like french macarons? try the “trader jacques” version

by crumpetsandt

look what i found while browsing barnes and noble!  =)

look what i found while browsing barnes and noble! =)

one of my favorite treats while i was a grad student in boston was the occasional indulgence in french macarons.  they’re not cheap mind you, especially on a graduate student stipend,  at usually $1.50 (crema cafe) or even $2.50 (thinking cup) a piece for the good ones.  thus,  i would only get them when i was having an especially bad day in lab and needed a pick-me-up, savoring the two bites of deliciousness, so that i could plow on in lab.

fear no more poor grad students (or people who think paying $2.50 for two bites is ridiculous),  i have found a great substitute such that you can get your french macaron fix without a guilty conscience!  enter “trader jacques” who at $4.99 a box will give you 12 scrumptious, nearly identical to cafe-quality petit sandwiches, which can be easily found at your friendly neighborhood trader joe’s.  they’re typically in the frozen foods/desserts section and all you have to do before eating them is let them defrost for 30 minutes at room temperature.

there apparently are multiple varieties, from vanilla/chocolate to pumpkin (whaaaaa?) to peppermint to variety pack (picture below).  i had seen and eaten the vanilla/chocolate ones in boston but have never seen other flavors while i was there or when i came back to california.  of course when i was getting orange juice from trader joe’s the other day, i casually glanced at the frozen dessert section and what do i see?  the VARIETY PACK *fist pump*  i had never seen it before in my neighborhood trader joe’s and was elated to find four boxes left (i bought three boxes).  TJs did an awesome job with the variety pack with flavors such as pistachio, salted caramel, raspberry, orange, chai, and one last one which i can’t remember now…anyhoo, next time you need to get groceries, i would head out to the TJs in your area and take a look!  bonne chance mes petites choux!

two are missing 'cause i ate them...sigh

two are missing ’cause i ate them…sigh