my most recommended gel eyeliner

by crumpetsandt

so as promised, today i will be writing about my favorite gel eyeliner that is a bit of a splurge but totally worth it.  if you are looking for a gel eyeliner, which i think is much more controllable and easier to work with than liquid, i would recommend bobbi brown’s long-wear gel eyeliner. it is $23 at sephora (you can also find it at macy’s, nordstrom, neiman, bloomies, etc.) and comes in a variety of colors from black, brown, and grey to purple, blue, and green.

(from sephora)

(from sephora)

i personally use the color “violet ink” which looks really purple in the container but wears beautifully as a dark blackish purple and feels less harsh against fairer skin tones than jet black.  i would apply it with an eyeliner brush (see here and here for recs) so that you can draw a thin fluid line close to your lash line.  it builds easily in color intensity and once you let the gel dry, it’s pretty much smudge-proof.  the pot-o-gel eyeliner lasts at least 6 months if you wear it everyday and take care to tighten the lid such that the gel doesn’t dry out prematurely.    once you add some mascara, voila! you have pretty, well-defined eyes.  i’ll be back tomorrow to post (even though i usually don’t write on fridays) since i didn’t get to post on monday (my NIH proposal revisions are done though yay!).

EDIT: just found out today that there apparently is a problem with the formulation of the gel eyeliner right now and the BB headquarters are aware and remedying it…please hold off purchasing until the problem is resolved! i just bought one from nordstrom and it’s the real deal!  i think the sephora stock is much older and thus the quality is questionable.  if you want to buy it, go to nordstrom!