high quality makeup brushes that won’t break the bank

by crumpetsandt

sorry for the late post (missed monday, boohoo)!  i was revising a NIH grant proposal yesterday and of course, it took longer than expected, as per usual.  sigh, o chemistry.

onto makeup brushes!  so i’ve recently discovered two makeup brushes that make one’s makeup significantly better for those special occassions.  i usually don’t wear makeup on a day to day level, just good ole sunscreen after washing my face (and the occasional concealer ’cause no one wants to see that big fat zit on my face, let’s face it).  when i do wear makeup, it’s tinted moisturizer, concealer, gel eyeliner (thank you m. c. for introducing me to this! another post on which one i use and would recommend), blush and maybe mascara (depending on the occasion).  i’m not into eyeshadows and such because well, i don’t care for it and also the consensus from the boys/guys/men in my life (n = >20) is that they do NOT like eyeshadown especially if it’s COLORED (i guess only nude eyeshadow in their book is fine but then why wear it?).  if you’re looking for a high quality foundation brush, blush brush, or eyeliner brush at a reasonable price, look no farther!  i have three suggestions (one for each) for you, all from the same line: sonia kashuk (from here on out SK)!

but you may protest, “t, that line is from target, are you crazy?  i need some high quality brushes, yo!  are you sure about this crap from target?” to which i say, “they are reallllly good quality brushes, and stop being an elitist/snob and go out and get some ha!”

the three in particular that i am talking about are, after much, MUCH research and reading of beauty blogs and then testing them out for myself:

(1) foundation brush: SK core tools synthetic buffing brush for $12.99

(from the target website)

(from the target website)

(2) blush brush: SK kashuk tools synthetic domed multipurpose brush for $18.39

(from the target website)

(from the target website)

(3) eyeliner brush: SK core tools bent eyeliner brush for $5.99 (!!!!)

(from the target website)

(from the target website)

why these three?  besides being obviously high quality (very soft, doesn’t shed) and cheap(er) i like that (1) and (2) are synthetic and wash cleanly and easily without the crazy wet dog smell of animal hair brushes (when you wash them).  (1) is used after dotting/striping (not a typo) on your tinted moisture or foundation and then buffing in gentle, circular motions all across your face.  it makes you look airbrushed and what girl doesn’t want airbrushed-looking skin!  as for (2) the bristles pick up just enough blush pigments to put on your blush and can work for powder or cream blushes.  it applies your blush smoothly and evenly without blotchiness/streaking and feels like a chinchilla going across your face.

lastly (3), in addition to being a steal (look up prices for MAC, trish mcevoy, or even sephora eyeliner brushes, *shudders at price*) is perfectly angled to reach and apply eyeliner (gel or liquid or powder if you moisten your brush) in a thin line (you can build the thickness if so desired) at the roots of your eyelashes, making for the most natural and prettiest eyeliner look.  it doesn’t lose its bristles and washes well and is the best eyeliner brush i’ve used by far for achieving a close-to-lashline eyeliner look.

okay, that’s it for today!  i will most likely be writing about my favorite and highly recommended gel eyeliner tomorrow!  enjoy!

EDIT:  target often has coupons and/or sales on SK products so keep a lookout for them!