for special occasions

by crumpetsandt

i’ve been asked quite frequently by non-bostonian friends, “if i’m visiting boston, where would you recommend i eat?” to which my answer is,”if you’re willing to splurge a little and if you’ll be there sunday night, you HAVE to go to craigie on main!”

why specifically sunday nights to chow down at craigie? because of tony maw’s amazing chef’s whim menu, which guarantees a treat for your tastebuds at either $45 for 4 course (+ usually an amuse-bouche) or $57 for 6 courses. he is by far one of the best chefs in the US in my opinion and will not disappoint you with his creativity or delicious preparations. the menu changes for every chef’s whim and you can’t choose what you’re getting but i think that’s the best part and the most fun part! obviously if you have a food allergy they’ll accommodate, but other than that you either choose the “surprise” or the “vegetarian”. i’ve received during chef’s whim traditional dishes like duck confit to weirder things like squid ink, rabbit’s heart but all of them have been deliciously satisfying. the atmosphere is classy but not pretentious and the restaurant is good for bringing the friend/parent/significant other for a special treat/occasion. i’ve also been there for brunch with my good friend c. f. c. where we were hand-delivered cragie’s special donut by tony maws himself. *swoon* haha see below for the donut we enjoyed:

THE donut from chef maws

THE donut from chef maws (we kinda dug in already…)

happy eating!