colorful sundresses: great deals from jcrew factory

by crumpetsandt

going along with our recent summer theme, today i’m writing about one particular sundress choice from jcrew that i absolutely adore and would suggest to those looking for a new summer dress.  i’ve received multiple requests for cute, well-cut sundresses that won’t break the budget and aren’t see through (i’m looking at ya H&M with your wimpy, semi-transparent fabrics that become hole-ridden after the wash!) in eye-catching colors.  well let me introduce you to jcrew’s button back sundress:

picture taken from

picture taken from

this sundress is made of cotton and substantial cotton mind you that won’t shred in the washing machine.  it comes in two colors: bohemian red (orange-red-ish) and byzantine blue (cobalt blue-ish).  i love the buttons down the back that give the dress a playful look;  i think it’ll look really nice with some summery, neutral-colored sandals.  it is on sale right now on the jcrew factory website for $40 but you can get it in the factory store (if you have one near you) for $25 right now ($50 in the store with extra 40% off and an additional 15% off with your student ID).  happy (dress) shopping!