lattes on-the-go: just add water

by crumpetsandt

one the great things about being back in california is the easy access to imported asian goods.  i can drive 15-20 minutes and arrive at different ethic supermarkets which carry a wonderful variety of compact packaged goods that are actually tasty and portable.  in particular, i’ve found that user-friendly packaged japanese drinks specifically “lattes sticks” have received much accolade from my friends and have resulted in a following.  my bad for introducing these addictive just-add-water instant lattes to my (l)east coast friends who don’t have easy access to them 😉

my favorite "latte stick" flavor: green tea

my favorite “latte stick” flavor: green tea

what are these delectable “latte sticks”?  basically they’re sugar stick-shaped packets (remember the high-end skinny sugar packets at those hipster coffee places?  yeah that shape) of dry powdered latte mix which instantly become a mug-full of piping hot, sip-worthy latte upon addition of hot (or even warm) water.  they come in a variety of flavors (see below for a small sampling, i couldn’t get all of the varieties in one picture) and are just sweet enough to satisfy a sugar craving.  things that i like about these “latte sticks” are they aren’t super sweet like with a lot of american offerings and contain just enough creaminess/frothiness to resemble a coffee house-style latte.  hopefully, my girls will soon have access to these treats with the h-mart that supposedly will come (within the year?) to central square in cambridge!

a sample selection of "latte sticks"

a sample selection of “latte sticks”