sexy (but comfy) summer sandals

by crumpetsandt

it’s definitely summer weather here in cali!  while it looks like boston weather is still struggling to get there, i’ve already received a request from w. w. to look for her new summer sandals.  she, however, has a few special caveats; the sandals must be (1) heeled (she wants to look tall[er]), (2) must not cause her pain under the walking/biking needs of boston (understandable, if you had to walk/bike everywhere like in boston, you too would fear “high maintenance” shoes), and (3) not get caught/make her fall flat on her face on the dreaded COBBLESTONE.  see the (unfortunately) blurry picture from the movie “the wedding planner” in which jennifer lopez’s character lives out every girl’s stiletto heel-in-hole/grating/cobblestone nightmare:
the wedding planner heel scene
i personally always look for shoes with (2) and (3) in mind because foot pain and falling down both make me grumpy.  i rarely wear heeled shoes because i am tall enough (5′ 8″) to get away with non-heeled shoes and i’ve been genetically blessed with long gams (hah, finding skirts/dresses long enough to be decent is often an issue though, can’t win them all).  cole haan has been an all-time fav of mine because they make sturdy, cute shoes often with nike air in them.  they are a bit on the expensive side and i always wait until they go on sale, usually at the end of the season (nordstrom, macy’s, cole haan store) before i buy them.  as for my friend w. w., she is in luck because cole haan shoes happen to be on sale right now!

for an everyday shoe option, these gold cole haan “amari OT” wedge pumps are cute and functional.  there is just enough toe cleavage room to show off newly polished toes and they’re fitted enough to not come off when biking or walking around.  at $100 they are a bit more expensive than normal sandals but for the comfort i think they are well worth it.  on piperlime, i’ve found a marc by marc jacobs option at $170 which is a very steep price for shoes but boy are they are cuuuuuute.  these taupe faux leather heels from aerosoles are really cute too AND are on sale for $50.  another option at $70 comes from aldo and is called marcelline. i personally really like the stacked wooden wedge heel detail and the colors on “bone” and additionally, these look like they would stay on pretty well.  i haven’t tried them on in person though so i’m not quite sure about the comfort level…hmmm.

as for dressier options, once again i am going to start by suggesting one from cole haan…man, i just can’t help it!  the irving wedge with glorious NIKE AIR wheeeeeee, now on sale for $160, would look really cute with a summer dress.  i especially love the different color options with sandstone and the orange option being my two favorites.  i can already picture w. w. prancing around in a lovely white dress with the orange wedges or a stunning blue dress with the sandstone wedges!  as for a cheaper but still dressy option, a pair of aerosoles “bronze age” wedges sold on sale at $60 a pop on the aerosoles website would still be wonderful with that nice summer dress and comes in black, gold, or silver colors.  for someone looking for espadrilles, which would be nice for either a picnic or casual date (in boston common, wink wink w. w.), i would suggest jcrew’s maribeth espadrilles which come in navy, flax, and neon persimmon.  they are now $96 with the 25% off online code and would be even less if you can get them somehow in stores with your 15% off student discount.

obviously there are many, many options i have yet to go through and suggest.  hopefully these options here will provide my girl w. w. enough “motivation” to go out and find her favorite pair!