pretty white coats (that will actual keep you warm enough for bostonian winter weather)

by crumpetsandt

many of my friends still live in the boston/nyc area and still have to survive the +/-6 months of winter-like weather every year there. as ex-bostonian, i have had plenty of experience dressing for such frigid conditions (5 rounds of winter!!!) and have gotten many requests from (female) friends to help them dress appropriately (cutely AND warmly).  and since sale season for winter gear is now upon us, it’s time to think about stocking up for next winter!

i’ve always had a thing for white coats, which i think are really pretty especially during winter weather with colored accessories (mittens, scarves, beanies, etc.). white coats are hard to pull off though because they (1) are high maintenance (stain easily) and (2) make one look like a marshmallow (if the wrong cut is worn, think too much padding in the WRONG places). my friends have often asked, “where can i buy a cute coat that i won’t freeze in and doesn’t look like snowwear? how are you in that WHITE coat, not freezing and NOT looking like a marshmallow?!”

the coat that they were referring to is (i believe) the best purchase during my stint in boston–a white version of this patagonia coat i got on sale for 50-60% original price (YIPPEE!). i’ve been asked several times by strangers where i got my white coat and been met with a surprised response when i say “patagonia”. this coat, while very pretty and shapely, is very warm because it has two components to it: (1) a windproof/waterproof outer slim-cut shell which give it a nice fit (makes a grrrreat raincoat for the springtime!) and (2) a densely packed down-filled inner jacket that snaps into the outer shell. both are machine-washable and dryer friendly, which is very important for functionality (and that coffee spill bound to happen). since patagonia tends to be really expensive, i would recommend purchasing it while it’s on sale (typically now-ish, after the winter season has passed).

jcrew thinsulate coat

picture taken from google

the closest option right now to the one i bought a few years ago is the patagonia 3-in-1 tres jacket, on sale now for around $240. it also comes similarly to my old one in the two-layer format and in a variety of colors. while it’s a bit more than i would spend typically for a jacket, i really believe that the quality, functionality, and look of the jacket really makes it worthwhile. another option, although less warm but good for above freezing cold weather, is the thinsulate-lined jcrew coat.

this coat adds a dash of class to drab winterwear and one doesn’t look frumpy or marshmallow-like in it. i’m sure i’ll find more suggestions for my girls later when the season approaches again but until then, here’s to two great options for surviving the cold in boston while looking pretty!