finding the perfect wristlet

by crumpetsandt

this post is dedicated to w. w. who is on the lookout for the perfect wristlet…

in my immediate group of friends (and also me), there is definitely a growing obsession with wristlets.  i don’t know, maybe the types of girls that i attract and become friends with are the types who value the no-nonsense, compact efficiency of wristlets.  i remember that j was the first one of my friends to run around with one and i liked that she was always ready to go and never was digging and digging and digging around in a purse. it seems that vibrantly colored ones are especially in demand right now but not all wristlets are created equal.  quality/durability, color, size/fit, accessibility (the cellie needs to be accessible as well as the cash and cards) are all important aspects to consider.

i was given a vera bradley wrislet in ellie blue last summer by my students and i just LOVED it.  i actually went out and bought another one in happy snail print. i have an iphone 4 and it fits in the wristlet just snugly enough to offer speedy access without accidental “there goes the screen to the floor” if held in the wrong direction. it comes in all sorts of pretty and some wacky prints so lots to choose from. i heard that it could even be laundered if need be…good for the clumsy like me who often spill drinks onto things or oneself (gah coffee).

w. w. is looking for a prettier, more chic version however. thus, i started my search for a chic, preferably leather wristlet option that isn’t shiny (w. w. doesn’t like shiny things haha). so far i’ve come across some coach ones which are classy and pretty in nice colors but a lot of them are too small and wouldn’t fit her iphone well or are too big and bulky. surprisingly, i found an option at old navy for $7.99 on sale for her and even though it’s not leather (it’s cloth) it’s quite a steal. it should do for now at least until we find her the perfect one…

old navy wristlet


tory burch also makes a beautiful wristlet in turquoise and orange-red (and black(?) on the original tory burch website) but is really expensive ($155)…maybe w. w. can ask for it as a gift?