why blog?

by crumpetsandt

so lately, i’ve had a lot of time on my hands.  i finished grad school in chemistry last year and am currently in the weird limbo period between that and the next thing, my post-doc.  thus, i’ve decided to make good use of this time and do something new (blogging) since this break has come only once (now) in the last 22 years of my life, nine of which was for chemistry [4 undergrad + 5 grad…scary].

i’ve always been a fan of many other things besides chemistry, two of which are food and “fashion”.  while food makes sense as an interest for a chemist (cooking is essentially lots of chemical reactions, following of procedures aka recipes), “fashion” is less obviously connected with chemistry.  i believe that both my interests in “fashion” and chemistry stem from the same vein;  both draw upon the visual and spatial functions of my brain which explains why i enjoy organic chemistry so much.  i use “fashion” because i don’t actually live out/wear the impractical fashion trends from haute couture/runway shows although i have an appreciation for it.  my real, tangible interest in fashion is more based on practicality and looking nice and successfully blending the two.  i’ve known girls who are true fashionistas, willing to brave the freezing cold of bostonian winters in bare legs and all, in the name of fashion (and perhaps to look goooood too), and i am not one of them.  thus, i use “fashion” carefully because things that i will be blogging on will not be fashion in the true sense of the word but rather my distilled down, cute but practical fashion.

i’ve been encouraged by a good friend to write about things that she and others are currently looking for, whether it be a gift for another or a little something for themselves.  i think this would be a good endeavor since it wouldn’t be just me gratuitously posting about things i like but rather would serve a purpose and provide a service of sorts.  for now i think i’ll be focusing on the requests from my immediate group of friends and see where it goes.

and so it begins…